What You Need To Know About Our Dental Care Services

The cost varies from person to person. Here’s why:

Because of our focus on your entire health - not just teeth cleaning - the cost of a cleaning itself varies depending on your individual health situation.

If we offered blanket services and pricing for every patient, we wouldn’t be respecting your unique needs, medical history, personal preferences and goals.

GOOD NEWS: We can talk about a plan and then provide a more accurate answer about pricing before you spend a nickel!

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Our commitment will always remain providing expert, personalized care and giving you a better understanding of your healthy potential.

Yes. We will submit claims to all insurance companies on your behalf and you will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

TIP: the fastest way to be reimbursed is to be set up for direct deposit with your insurance company.

Our state-of-the-art AirFlow® Guided Biofilm Therapy cleaning and polishing system uses gentle air & warm water pressure versus traditional abrasive, gritty polish. This revolutionary system cleans and polishes your teeth faster, more effectively and far less harshly.

You won’t believe the difference!

No. However, we have a fantastic relationship with a number of local dentists in Brantford, Brant County & surrounding area and we’re happy to make an appropriate referral.

We can also make referrals to other healthcare professionals that specialize in your area of concern.

Our fees are based on the Ontario Dental Hygienists of Ontario Fee Guide. These fees are lower than those at most dental offices. Appointment fees depend on the services that you choose and the time required to provide the care that you agree to.

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